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Guided Cave Tour Ticket 


Marble Arch Caves tours are available and scheduled throughout the day.  All tours are guided and you can guarantee your entry with a time slot. Tours begin at the Visitor Centre and you must register your arrival 30 minutes prior to your tour  start time. The booking system shows space availability for specified time slots on your selected date, 10 available (10 spaces available) and 1 available (1 space available). All Cave Tour tickets must be purchased online and can be purchased through the booking system up until midnight the day before your planned visit.  As part of public health Covid-19 mitigation measures, we remind our visitors that the wearing of face coverings is mandatory for everyone over the age of 13 years at the Marble Arch Caves, for more information please visit the  Marble Arch Caves  Covid-19 Guidance.

Going Underground

The Marble Arch Caves are one of the most active living show cave systems in Ireland and the UK, the cave is formed from three rivers draining off the Northern slopes of Cuilcagh Mountain. The cave system is 7.1miles/11km long with over 1mile/1.5km developed into a show cave. Carefully constructed paths enables you to comfortably traverse the Marble Arch Caves whilst discrete lighting displays the cave features and delicate cave formations to their best.

Guided Cave Tour

The standard guided cave tour is the Owenbrean River Walking Tour.

Explore this underworld labyrinth as you trace the journey of the Owenbrean River and discover its energy as the waters gurgle and splash venturing deeper into the black abyss. Enlighten your senses as you smell, hear and feel this active living cave around you!  This exciting tour follows the Yorkshire Ramblers exploratory route of 1935 past hidden tunnels, still pools, delicate formations and stunning reflections.

Duration: 60 minutes *
Fitness: Average fitness
154 on exit of show cave 
1.5 km Walking Tour (mixture of concrete path, boardwalk and  stepped sections)


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