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Planning Your Visit

Plan and book your perfect trip to the Marble Arch Caves.


With information on Opening Times, Pricing, How To Find Us, Accessibility and  Frequently Asked Questions the Marble Arch Caves might be a complex cave system but your visit does not need to be!

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Owenbrean River -Walking Cave Tour

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  • Opening InformationOpening Information

    What’s Open & When November 2023   

    Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre – 10:00am – 5:00pm, daily (Visitor Information, Shop and Toilet Facilities available).
    Marble Arch Café – 10:00am to 4:30pm, daily.
    Car park – Closed outside of operational hours.


    Guided Cave Tours – 10:00am – 3:30pm, daily.
    Cave Explorer Virtual Reality Experience – 10:00am – 3:30pm.*Pre-booking recommended for the above ticketed experiences through our website.

    Martel’s Candlelight Tour – 4th November – 5:00pm – 7:00pm.
    Mind Of Sound – 25th November –09:15 am – 10:30am.

    Local Attractions  
    Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail – Daily – Privately Owned Car Park (Daylight Hours).
    Killykeeghan National Nature Reserve -Daily (10:00am – 4:00pm). (car park, toilet facilities, interpretation centre)Cladagh Glen – Closed to the public to facilitate maintenance work

    What’s Open & When December 2023 


    Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre – 10:00am – 5:00pm, daily (Visitor Information, Shop and Toilet Facilities available).
    – Closed from 23rd to 27th December
    –  Open 28th, 29th & 30th December.
    – Closed 31st December & 1st January.
    Marble Arch Café – Café available (date/times vary)
    Car park – Closed outside of operational hours.

    Guided Cave Tours – 1st to 21st December 10:00am – 3:30pm, daily. Home for the Holidays – Tours also running 28th, 29th & 30th December 11:00am – 2:00pm.
    Cave Explorer Virtual Reality Experience – Available on 28th , 29th & 30th December 11:00am – 2:00pm  only.
    *Pre-booking recommended for the above ticketed experiences through our website.

    Elf Escape Takeover – 2nd – 21st December, 10:00am – 3:00pm (Open-timed session)
    Elf Escape Takeover – Sensory Space – 2nd – 21st December (Select Times)
    Christmas Wreath Making– 2nd and 3rd December sessions are 11:00am – 1.00pm, and 2:00pm – 4:00pm both days.
    Carols in the Cave – 6th December (starts at 6:30 pm select time slots)

    Local Attractions  
    Cuilcagh Boardwalk Trail – Daily – Privately Owned Car Park (Daylight Hours).
    Killykeeghan National Nature Reserve -Daily (10:00am – 4:00pm). (car park, toilet facilities, interpretation centre)
    Cladagh Glen – Closed to the public to facilitate maintenance work.

  • Pricing Pricing

    Marble Arch Caves Pricing  

    Guided Cave Tour – Owenbrean River Walking Tour
    (Online Prices 1st April 2023) 

     Adult £15.00
     Child (5 – 18 years) £7.50
     Family (2 Adults +2 children) £37.50
     Family (2 Adults + 3 children) £45.00
     Student Concession (18+) £12.00
     Senior Concession (65+) £12.00
     Private Tour (21 maximum) £315.00

    Children 4 years and younger are free but do require a ticket.
    Children 16 years old and under are required to be accompanied by an adult.
    Valid ID required for concessions.
    Underground water levels permitting your ticket will be automatically upgraded complementary to the Martel Tour. Your upgrade includes a short subterranean boat trip this tour is 75-minutes in duration.
    It is advised that you book in advance through our online booking system.

    Cave Explorer Virtual Reality Experience 

    Adult £3.00
     Child ( 5-18 yrs) £3.00

    Suitable for 5 years and over (parental guidance is advised)


  • How To Find Us How To Find Us

    Marble Arch Caves are situated just 12.5 miles from the beautiful island town of Enniskillen in County Fermanagh Northern Ireland.

    Free Parking:
    Car and campervan parking is available. Buses and coaches, pick-up and drop-off are available in front of building entrance along with parking allocated bays.

  • Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

    Marble Arch Caves 

    What is on offer at the Marble Arch Caves?

    Guided Cave Tour
    Visitors for Guided Cave Tours can experience a fascinating natural underworld of rivers, waterfalls, winding passages and lofty chambers while stunningly beautiful cave formations glisten all around.  Guided Cave Tours depart from the visitor centre throughout the day. The cave tour consists of a 1.5km walk through the show cave and short underground boat trip (if water levels permit).  There are a few sets of steps within the show cave system and 154 steps to exit the cave.  Your cave tour guide will pause along the cave tour to speak about historical, geological and educational fact about the show cave suitable for all age groups to engage with and enjoy.

    Virtual Reality Cave Explorer Experience

    What if we told you that you could delve into the deep, explore a labyrinth of cave passages, hear a subterranean river and see chambers adorned with simply sensational formations….  all in under ten minutes.

    Equipped with just a virtual reality headset and simple head movements, visitors will be instantly whisked away into this subterranean world  of the show cave to discover its beauty and fragility, explore its landscape and surround yourself in its serene ambience.

    Why am I required to arrive 30 minutes prior to my guided cave tour/experience start time?

    Customers are required to arrive 30 minutes prior to their guided cave tour/experience start time to allow adequate time for customers to register their arrival at reception and use toilet facilities etc. Guided Cave Tours/Events etc must start on time as we can not have a guided cave tour run late as other participants have other bookings or plans. All guided cave tours/experiences are coordinated and timed to permit the least interaction with other tours or walks due to COVID-19 so must run on schedule. (bookings will not be refunded if customers arrive late.)

    Guided Cave Tour

    Can you go into Marble Arch Caves without a tour?

    No, you are required to book onto a guided cave tour. The show cave can not be accessed without a cave tour guide due to safety.

    Is the short boat tour element of the Guided Cave Tour running?

    If the water levels in the show cave are suitable, the short subterranean boat trip will run as part of the Guided Cave Tour.  This is a 5 – 8 minute boat trip along an underground river.

    Why is the short boat trip element of the cave tour not running today?

    There a number of factors, which can influence whether or not we can operate the short boat trip element of the guided cave tour.

    Water Levels: There are three active rivers running through the cave system which is why it is known as the most active river show cave in the UK and island of Ireland. The rivers naturally fluctuate with rainfall. For the boat trip to operate safely, the water level within the show cave has to be within the correct margins. This can be influenced by each river.

    How long does the Guided Cave tour last?

    The guided cave tour takes 60-75 minutes, it covers 1.2 mile/1.5 kilometres of cave passages. Please note: Weather conditions may alter the availability of selected tour type.

    Why do you have different Guided Cave Tours?

    We have four different versions of our guided cave tour. The guided cave tour offered each day to visitors is decided by the Duty Officer who reviews the water levels of the three rivers which flow into the show cave and the daily weather forecast. The cave tour can change throughout the day depending on the water levels of the three rivers within the show cave.

    Martel Tour: This 75-minute cave tour includes a short boat trip element along with a walking  tour of the show cave. It covers 1.2mile/1.5km of show cave passages.  The tour is named after the first scientific explorer of the caves, Edouard Martel and follows the route he explored in 1895.

    Owenbrean River Walking Tour: This 60-75 minute cave tour is a full walking tour. It covers 1.2mile/1.5km of show cave passages. The tour is named after the Owenbrean river which you follow on the tour.

    Canyon Passage Walking Tour: This 45-50 minute cave tour is a walking tour. It covers 0.7miles/0.9km of show cave passages. The tour is named after the impressive chamber you walk through, Canyon Passage. This tour is offered when the water levels in the Owenbrean river are too high to permit access to the deeper parts of the show cave.

    Porridge Pot Walking Tour: This 20 -35 minute cave tour is a walking tour. It covers 0.4miles/0.6km. The tour is named after the impressive flowstone formation you see on tour. This tour is offered when the water levels in all three rivers within the show cave are too high to permit access to the other areas of the show cave.

    What level of fitness do I need?

    There is a certain level of fitness required to undertake a tour as there are a number of steps within the show cave system and approximately 154 continuous steps to exit.

    When making a booking you are required to confirm that you and members of your party are in good health. Please note health issues such as cardiac, respiratory or epilepsy could be exacerbated by the cave environment.

    It is your responsibility to ensure that you and members of your party with a medical condition bring appropriate medication with you for your visit.

    Do I need special clothes and footwear for the cave tour?

    Normal clothing is adequate for the cave tour with an additional fleece or coat.  Appropriate sturdy footwear with good grip and ankle support should be worn. The cave temperature in the show cave is approximately 10 degrees all year round.

    Is the guide cave tour suitable for all age groups?

    Yes, the guide cave tour is suitable for all age groups.

    Is the show cave wheelchair accessible?

    No, unfortunately the show cave is not wheelchair accessible. We do offer a Virtual Reality Cave Explorer Experience for those visitors unable to access the show cave.

    Can I take pushchairs (buggies) into the show cave?

    Pushchairs are not permitted. You can use a front baby carrier and back carrier (as long as the childs head is lower than the adults).

    Can I take a dog into the show cave?

    Only guide and service dogs are permitted on a guide cave tour  and inside the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre.

    I’m claustrophobic. Could I go into the show cave ?

    The majority of the show cave is through large chambers and passages with plenty of room to move. The only areas of the guided cave tour which may pose a concern to some people is the underground boat trip and moses walk. Both sections require you to lower your head for a short duration.

    Thousands of people visit the show cave yearly and have an enjoyable trip. For further clarification please contact us.

    Cave Explorer Virtual Reality Experience

    Is there any restrictions to who can book on this experience?

    Children under 5 years of age are not permitted to use this virtual reality equipment.

    How many people can book this experience for one time slot? 

    The maximum number of people who can book for the same time slot is 6 people.

    If I wear glasses can I still use the virtual reality headsets?

    Yes, with a few minor adjustments of the head straps, the virtual reality headset can be worn over your glasses.

    Booking your Guided Cave Tour tickets

    How do I book my guided cave tour ticket?

    Tickets can be purchased through our online booking system or by walk in or on the day. Please note we advise people to book their guided cave tour tickets online in advance as during Bank Holiday and seasonal periods we are busy and can be fully booked.

    Should I book my guided cave tour ticket in advance?

    It is advised that you book in advance through our online booking system.  Guided Cave Tour tickets can be purchased at the Visitor Centre on the day however waiting times for guided cave tours can be 3 hours+  and during peak periods we can be fully booked.

    How do I buy the guided cave tour which includes the short boat trip element online?

    Only the Owenbrean Walking Tour can be booked on the website.  This is a walking cave tour through 1.5kms /1.2 miles of cave passages which takes 60 – 75 minutes, it does not include the short boat trip element.

    The Martel Guided Cave Tour includes the short underground boat trip element. This guided cave tour operates when water levels within the show cave are within the correct margins.  In this instance your online guided cave tour ticket for the Oweanbrean River Walking Tour will  be automatically upgraded (complementary) to the Martel Tour.  This complimentary upgrade is only offered to visitors who -booked online.

    Due to the active nature of the three rivers flowing through the show cave. The type of guided cave tour available can change daily and throughout the day. For updates on what guided cave tour is available each day you can check the Today’s Tour section of our website Check Today’s Tour Here


    Can I take photographs inside the show cave?

    Photographs are permitted for non-commercial and personal use only. For commercial photography, video production and media activities please refer to our Media and Production enquiries section on this website.

    Can I bring a selfie stick or tripod into the cave or on a guided walk?

    No, neither are permitted in the show cave due to conservation and health and safety reasons or on any event if it interferes with the activity.


    What methods of payment are accepted?

    Presently we prefer for visitors to use our contactless till points for payments. Payment is taken by debit and credit card (with the exception of American Express).

    Do you provide cash back?

    Cashback is not available and there is no ATM on the premises.

    Do you accept Euros?

    Yes, we accept Euro notes only. Change is given in sterling.

  • FacilitiesFacilities

    Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre

    • Visitor Information point
    • Marble Arch Caves Café
    • Souvenir shop
    • Exhibition area
    • Lift- Access for all
    • Toilets including accessible toilets and baby changing facilities
    • Free WiFi
    • Car Parking  -Coach Parking and Blue Badge Parking.
    • Bicycle stands
    • Picnic facilities
  • AccessibilityAccessibility

    This guide is designed to help provide information on areas that may be helpful for people with access requirements.

    Car Parking

    There are 5 designated spaces for people who hold a Blue Badge in the main carpark next to the main entrance to the Visitor Centre. Patrons are advised not to use these spaces unless entitled to do so, with their Blue Badge displayed prominently. A drop off point is available to the left of the front entrance door.

    Getting to the Venue

    There are two entrances from the car park area:

    1)    A footpath from the car park to main entrance.  2)    A tarmac lane around the side of the visitor centre to the entrance at the back of the building.

    There are dropped kerbs along the footpaths from the car park and a ramped approach up to the front entrance doors.


    To enter Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre, you must first go through the main glass doors into a large entrance area.  The doors are not automatic but there is a bell on the right-hand side if you require assistance.


    The reception desk is to the right of the Main Entrance Area. The reception desk has a lowered level on the right-hand side. Please make staff aware if you need to use the system.

    Display Area

    There are displays in the middle and sides of the visitor centre showing the formation, history and geology of the Marble Arch Caves.

    The area is a large open space with a level floor.

    Meeting Room

    To get to the meeting room space there are two small steps, handrails are not provided. If a person needs to use a ramp to enter the room please make staff aware. The furniture can be easily moved to suit the customer`s requirements.

    Souvenir Shop

    The souvenir shop can be found just past the reception area. The souvenirs are displayed along the walls and middle of the room.

    Toilet Facilities

    There is an accessible toilet located to the right before the reception area of the main visitor centre. There is an emergency alarm cord beside the Toilet.

    Stairs in Visitor Centre

    There is only one area of stairs in the visitor centre. The stairs are in the middle of the main entrance building. The stairs have handrails on both sides. There are two flights of stairs with a landing between them. The stairs lead to the lower level where the Cafe, Audio Visual Room and Cave Tour waiting area are located. A lift is available to the restaurant, Audio Visual Room and waiting area on the lower level. The lift is opposite the reception area.


    The flooring throughout is level and green in colour.

    Marble Arch Caves Tour

    The Cave Tour is approximately 75 minutes in duration. The tour consists of a subterranean boat trip followed by a walking tour.  The tour is led by a trained guide and consists of embarking and disembarking from a subterranean boat, walking along discrete lighted pathways and negotiating hand railed steps (there are see-through panels between the steps).  The show cave is not accessible for wheelchairs or pushchairs/prams.

    VR Tour Room

    Located on the lower level of the Visitor Centre, the entrance doors are wide and double doors. There are discrete lighting however main lights can be switched on. The room permits inclusive access.

    Marble Arch Café

    The café is located past the souvenir shop on the lower level of the visitor centre, there is a lift available, (opposite reception desk) which provides access to the lower level or alternatively it can be reached around the side of the visitor centre and through the entrances at the back. The furniture can be easily moved to accommodate the customer.

    Facilities for those with Visual Impairments

    Guide/Assistance Dogs are welcome in the visitor centre. If you are using a Guide/Assistance Dog, please let reception know so they can provide you with a best possible service.

    Personal Assistance Support Scheme (PASS)

    PASS is available for people who have a disability who require the assistance of a companion in order to attend the Marble Arch Caves and are entitled to a complimentary ticket for their companion.

    The person with a disability must first register their details with the Marble Arch Caves  before the personal assistance support scheme can be availed of, registration form can be accessed via the link below or contact our Customer Service Team  on +0044 (0)28 6632 1815 or email

    PASS Scheme Form Click Here

    The complimentary ticket can only be booked by phone or in person and by referencing your Scheme membership number. If a designated car parking space is required please reserve a space when booking.


    The Marble Arch Caves welcomes your feedback on any areas that could be improved to enable us to make your visit a more enjoyable one.

    The Marble Arch Caves will endeavour to include changes where reasonable and possible to do so.

    If you require any further information or guidance, please contact the Marble Arch Caves on +44 (0)28 66321815 or email

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