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Rain, Rivers & Resurgence

Join us on a journey as you discover why the Marble Arch Caves is one of the most active river show caves in the UK and Ireland. Explore the role water plays as you follow its  journey from rain,  river to resurgence (cave exit) on this bespoke experience lead by our Guides.

With the assistance of our displays, water monitors, imagery and Virtual Reality Cave Explorer Experience this is a great opportunity to get up close to the Marble Arch Caves and get an insight into behind the scenes at this famous tourist attraction.

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  • Rain, Rivers & Resurgence

    Experience: Indoor guided walk & Cave Explorer Virtual Reality Experience
    Duration: 35- 45 minutes
    Age: Suitable Adults and children 10yrs plus (but younger are welcome)
    Capacity: 12 people per session
    Location: Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre
    Accessibility: Access for all

    We are offering a new bespoke experience which begins with an insightful and captivating talk delivered by our  Guide as they tell the story behind why the Marble Arch Caves is one of the most active river caves in the UK and Ireland. Glimpse behind the scenes at the Marble Arch Caves as you discover where the rivers that flow through the cave come from, how they are monitored and how they impact the natural cave environment and the daily operations at the show cave.

    You will then have the opportunity to get a unique view of the subterranean world of the Marble Arch Caves via a new Virtual Reality Experience. Equipped with just a VR headset and simple head movements, visitors will be instantly whisked away into this subterranean world where they will get to ride on a boat along the subterranean river, hear and see the underground river as it forges its way through chambers adorned with simply sensational formations.

    Finally, visitors will be given the opportunity to explore the Cladagh Glen and visit the  Marble Arch Caves Resurgence to see one of the largest limestone resurgences in Ireland.

    (Please note: This experience does not include visiting the show cave)



  • Booking Information

    The Rain, Rivers and Resurgence Experience sessions are scheduled at specific time slots throughout the day.  All sessions are led by a Cave Guide, and you can guarantee your entry by booking online or can be bought on the day.

    Sessions begin at the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre, and you are required to register your arrival 30 minutes prior to your experience start time.

    You will receive a booking confirmation email on completion of online ticket purchase, please retain this email for your booking reference and details.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Rain, Rivers & Resurgence 

    1. Is the experience accessible for all? Access to the Visitor Centre, VR Room and VR Experience is accessible for all. At the end of the experience the visitors have the option to go explore the Cladagh Glen and visit the resurgence for themselves. Access to the Cladagh Glen is restricted due to gravel paths, steep steps and concrete pathways.
    2. What age is the VR Experience suitable for? It is Suitable for 5yrs+ however parental guidance is advised.
    3. When do I check in for this experience? We suggest that you check in at the reception at Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre 30 minutes before your experience start time.
    4. How long does the talk with the guide last? The talk will be delivered with the use of imagery,  displays and water monitors. It takes approx 30 – 35minutes.
    5. How long is the Virtual Reality Experience? The VR experience is approx 5-8 minutes in duration. It includes instructions for the use of the headsets and question opportunity.
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