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Virtual Reality Experience 


What if we told you that you could delve into the deep, explore a labyrinth of cave passages, hear a subterranean river and see chambers adorned with simply sensational formations….  all in under four minutes. That might be physically impossible, but with  a VR headset, enjoyed from the comfort of our VR Room its a breeze.

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  • Cave Explorer Virtual Reality Experience

    Cave Explorer VR Experience

    Step into the subterranean world of the Marble Arch Caves in this experience which offers a 360 degree panoramic experience in our designed VR room. Through cutting edge virtual reality technology, 8K footage, surround sound and graphics the user is placed in the real-world cave system which invites a “deep time” understanding of the cave that spans over 340 million years!

    Equipped with just a VR headset and simple head movements, visitors will be instantly whisked away into this subterranean world to discover its beauty and fragility, explore its landscape and surround yourself in its serene ambience. The  experience offers a virtual trip underground where you can navigate and see areas of the cave system rarely viewed by human eyes.

    Duration: 15 minutes
    Accessibility: Access for all
    Ability Level: Suitable for 5yrs+ parental guidance is advised.


  • Booking Information

    The Cave Explorer VR Experience sessions are scheduled throughout the day.  All sessions are led by a Guide, and you can guarantee your entry with a time slot and can book online up until three hours before the Experience start time. Sessions begin at the Visitor Centre, and you are required to register your arrival 15 minutes prior to your experience start time.

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    Virtual Reality Experience 

    1. Do I stand to use the VR Experience? No, the VR Experience runs in a seated area. You have the option to stand if you wish.
    2. Can I wear the Oculus headset with glasses? Yes, you can wear glasses with the headset. We suggest you take your time putting the headset on over your glasses.
    3. Is it easy to put on and take off the headset? Yes, the headset has adjustable straps which you can adjust to your fit.
    4. What if I need assistance during the VR Experience? We shall ahve a VR guide present who will explain the headset and how to use it. They shall be availble for any questions or assistance you may need.
    5. Is the experience accessible for all? Access to the Visitor Centre, VR Room and VR Experience is accessible for all.
  • Covid-19

    As part of public health Covid-19 mitigation measures, we remind our visitors that the wearing of face coverings is mandatory for everyone over the age of 13 years at the Marble Arch Caves, for more information please visit the Marble Arch Caves Covid-19 Guidance section.

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