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Student Resources

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To help students get inspired about the natural world the Marble Arch Caves will be uploading a series of educational resources in the coming months. These will include students worksheets, presentations, digital content (pictures & videos) and ideas for practical demonstrations to try out at home or in school. Downloadable content and videos will can be accessed by clicking the files under ‘Downloads/Publications’ and ‘Videos’.


Primary Resources

For students at primary level the Marble Arch Caves encourage children to explore the world around us through outdoor experience. If you have access to a woodland or grassland, or even just a green space such as a park or a piece of unmown lawn, why not try to Make Your Own Pooter (Bug Catcher). That way you can count the minibeasts you find and investigate their abundance and diversity. Who knows what you find. Check out our video under ‘Videos’, gather some recyclable materials form around the home, and follow the simple steps to make your own bug catcher. Record what you find in a table and see if you can investigate why the minibeasts has chosen that habitat.

If you’re planning a trip to the Marble Arch Caves and would like an introduction to some of the cave formations you can expect to find, check out our Cave Formations – Fun Facts & Find sheet.

Secondary Resources

At secondary level student may be tasked with exploring the natural world in great detail. Caves can often be more difficult environments to investigate as primary data collection may not be possible due to access. The Marble Arch Caves guided cave tour offers a glimpse into these fascinating worlds as students can travel through a section of showcave and see cave formations up and close. The landscape above the caves can also be explored with the help of a guide during one of our above ground experiences such as ‘Limestone Trails’.

If you would like to learn more about caves and karst check out our video under ‘Videos’ where Dr. Kirstin Lemon (British Geological Survey) explains the caves and karst of the Marble Arch Caves and other UNESCO Global Geoparks. Check out the video Limestone, Landscape and Livelihoods.

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