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Limestone Landscapes Studies

Killykeegan National Nature Reserve is representative of the most extensive area of limestone grassland in Northern Ireland.

The thin soils covering the limestone bedrock in this area support a rich variety of colourful plants which host an abundance of insects. The area provides fine examples of limestone pavement, glacial erratics, archaeological features, and historical farming features. There are parking and toilet facilities at Killykeegan Nature Reserve.

Killykeegan National Nature Reserve is located within the Marlbank Areas of Special Scientific Interest, Marlbank National Nature Reserve and within the Cuilcagh Lakelands UNESCO Global Geopark.


Activities & Fieldwork includes:


  • Discovering how different types of rocks are formed.
  • Exploring landforms found in limestone environments and regions.
  • Investigation of how people use the area and evaluation of the associated benefits and costs.
  • The concept of chemical weathering
  • Understanding how landscapes have undergone significant change over time.


We will work with you to ensure that your visit compliments classroom learning and your school subject specification. We not only provide children with an educational visit but with a memorable experience which bring textbook theory and content into context in the real world.

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Programme Duration: 60 -75 minutes
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Max numbers per group: 21
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Supervision: Minimum 1 teacher per group
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Transport: Killykeegan NNR is located 1mile/1.2km from the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre, visiting groups are required to provide transport for their group to the location and remain at fieldwork locations until groups return to the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre.

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