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Marble Arch Cave Studies

The caves are formed out of Carbonniferous Limestone that has been weathered over thousands of years to form the caves that we know today.

The caves are protected under the Marlbank Area of Special Scientific Interest and are located within the Cladagh Glen National Nature Reserve and part of the UNESCO Global Geopark. The cave tour provides students with the opportunity to experience what it is like to travel underground and see the natural wonders of this subterranean landscape.

Guided tours include:

  • The geology- limestone landscape.
  • The history and first explorers into the Marble Arch Caves.
  • The formation of the Marble Arch Caves.
  • The different formations within the cave and how they grow.
  • The rivers of Marble Arch Caves.
  • Rocks and fossils.
  • Cave features

Your group will have an opportunity whilst on tour to ask the tour guide questions about the cave system:

  • What lives in the cave today?
  • What is it like in the cave without the electric lights?
  • What is the temperature like in the cave?
  • Who else visits this cave?

We will work with you to ensure that your visit covers exactly what you want and we are always willing to cover new topics. We not only provide children with an educational visit but also with an enjoyable and unbeatable experience of one Europe`s finest show caves.

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Programme Duration: 60 minutes
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Max numbers per group: 20
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Supervision: Minimum 1 teacher per group

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