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Woodland Exploration

Cladagh Glen Nature Reserve, the perfect piece of ancient woodland for study!

Nestled adjacent to the Marble Arch Caves visitor centre lays the ancient woodland of Cladagh Glen. A nature reserve hosting a wide range of plant and animal life which truly showcases the beauty and biodiversity of the Marlbank area of County Fermanagh.

Cladagh Glen is a steeped sided gorge carved by the Cladagh River for thousand of years. Sheltered from the influence of man due to the sloping aspect of the terrain, woodland succession in this karst landscape has moved towards a climax community, as woodland plants and trees dominate. These indicator species, indicative of the wild and ancient, carpet the forest floor and change with the seasons providing the perfect opportunity for spatial or temporal study.

Activities & Fieldwork includes:

  • Discover the native plants which live a local woodland.
  • Gather geographical information and explore a woodland habitat
  • Investigation of a sample area and determination sampling strategies and techniques.
  • Primary data collection using professional fieldwork equipment and methods e.g. quadrats (open & gridded), I.D charts, metre sticks, lux meters, anemometers, hygrometer/thermometers, soil temperature probes
  • Explore concepts of science including biodiversity, adaptations, physical processes and more!
  • Understand how abiotic, edaphic, biotic factors are influenced and connected through first-hand experience e.g. wind speed (meters per sec), humidity (%RH, temperature (oC), light (lux), sward height (cm), ground/herb/shrub/canopy flora cover (%Cover) and soil temperature (oC)

This programme can be adapted to the suit the needs of your group whether you are studying Science, Biology, Geography or simply wish to get first-hand experience with data collections to meet requirement of coursework or exams. We will work with you to ensure that your visit compliments classroom learning and your school subject specification. Cladagh Glen has multiple sites for study providing the perfect study area for comparative studies or data collection to provide enough datasets for statistical analysis.

Bring textbook theory to life through outdoor learning and have our experienced Education Team take the lead on an experience your students will be sure to remember.

For more information on data collection, programme duration, session cost and capacity please email

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