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🌼No Mow May🐝

Here at the Marble Arch Caves we are operating our “No Mow May”.


Leaving your grass to grow a little longer can have huge benefits to your environment and to wildlife. Less mowing encourages wildflowers to grow in your lawn and this is beneficial to pollinating insects such as hoverflies, bees and butterflies. Wildflowers also provide food for other creatures such as birds and small mammals.

Once you stop mowing your lawn it won’t be long before you notice an increase in the number of flower species growing in it. Which flowers you see will depend on how long you let the grass grow. Restricting your mowing to every four weeks will allow flowers like bird’s foot trefoil and clover to flourish, while plants like knapweed and musk mallow are more likely if you restrict your mowing to two to three times a year.
It also creates fantastic opportunities to:
• Reduce air and noise pollution
• Save time/money
• Create more resilient grass. By allowing it to grow longer, you will create deeper roots and allow the grass to retain more water.

Visit Plantlife’s No Mow May to sign up and commit to a longer lawn. Let Plantlife know what size your lawn is and find top tips for managing your green space in May and throughout the year.

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