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First Exploration of the Marble Arch Caves

For countless thousands of years the Marble Arch Caves lay undisturbed in inky black, primeval darkness, while the cave river eroded and dissolved away millions of tonnes of limestone to carve and shape the majestic cave passages.

Rank upon rank of stalactites grew slowly from the cave roof in pitch darkness where a person could spend a lifetime in the cave and never see their hand in front of their face.

Superstition and fear kept the caves free from visitors and complete darkness prevailed until 1895 when two intrepid explorers disturbed the silence and natural order of the caves. The  first beam of light pierced the blackness, breaking the long sleep of the Marble Arch Caves.

Do you want to find out what happened next? Book onto our exciting guided cave tour and all will be revealed by our experienced and enthusiastic guides.  The story continues….

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