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Amazing Limestone Caves

International Year of Caves and Karst 

This year we celebrate International Year of Caves And Karst as cave enthusiasts around the world join together to raise awareness about the importance of caves and karst landscapes. These landscapes provide a unique underground habitat for wildlife which are rich in biodiversity and provide a haven for unique and rare species. They preserve important records of prehistoric man and give us a snapshot, solidified in time, of our ancestors and prehistoric life.  As we have found at the Marble Arch Caves, they offer great educational and conservation value, providing us with the opportunity to safely explore the interior of our planet.
On each visit to the impressive limestone caves that are the Marble Arch Caves, there’s always something new to see, even for those who have worked in them for many years. Limestone caves like the Marble Arch Caves are dynamic environments, with varied water levels, shifting sounds, and tangible atmospheres that literally let you feel changes every time you’re in them. The excitement of entering the cave never leaves you, no matter how often your down there.

So here’s to #YourLimestoneCaves. We can’t wait to continue to explore, and delve into, the fascinating underground worlds below this year.

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Amazing Limestone Caves
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