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** Visitor Notice – Temporary Works **

The Cladagh Glen Nature Reserve, Co. Fermanagh will be closed to allow pathway repairs from Monday 14th September. Works are scheduled to be completed in 2-3 weeks. We thank you for your understanding.


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Unlocking the Hidden Worlds of the Cladagh Glen guided walks are offering a unique experience above ground to explore the landscape draping over the Marble Arch Cave.

Tours begin at the Marble Arch Caves Visitor Centre and you must register your arrival 30 minutes prior to your tour  start time.  All Guided Walk tickets must be purchased online and can be purchased through the booking system up until midnight the day before your planned visit. As part of public health Covid-19 mitigation measures, we remind our visitors that the wearing of face coverings is mandatory for everyone over the age of 13 years at the Marble Arch Caves, for more information please visit the Marble Arch Caves Covid-19 Guidance section.

Our Nature Seekers

The Cladagh Glen is nestled in the picturesque foothills of Cuilcagh Mountain. Its striking landscape of  a steep sided gorge, underlying cave systems, cascading waterfalls, turbulent river and ancient woodland have been carved and shaped over thousands of years. This captivating and shimmering woodland offers nature lovers a unique experience to immerse themselves in a warm blanket of forest green surrounded by sparkling clear waters, floral scents all brought alive by the buzz of wildlife around you.

Guided Outdoor Walk

Unlocking the Hidden Worlds of the Cladagh Glen

Explore this hidden world on our guided walking tour, a journey of discovery learning the secrets hidden deep within this stunning landscape. Meander through a canopy of greens as you venture through the gorge to join the Cladagh River. Hear the stories of how the area got its name, its connections with the wider area and take a moment at the Cascades Waterfall to capture that perfect picture.

Duration: 90 minutes
: Average fitness
Gradient: 100 metre gradual climb
Mixture of concrete path, boardwalk, gravel paths and stepped sections)
Distance: 1 mile


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